Saturday, December 24, 2011

How to draw Santa Claus

How to draw Santa Claus

In easy steps, I know he looks so difficult, but i know that you can draw Santa.

To start drawing your cartoon Santa , 
first draw a big circle 
Next step is drawing a little circle so that the big circle overlaps its middle.
Add eyes and a little round nose on the line where the circles connect.

Have a look on the next photo

First step to draw Santa Claus

Next draw Santa's moustache and add some wrinkle lines beneath his eyes.
It’s easy RIGHT !!
sec step to draw Santa Claus

Now we'll add a big circle-shape from each side of his moustache

Small circle

Shape to his mouth

And a third circle-shape to make his tongue

third step to draw Santa Claus


 Then you can draw fluffy eyebrows and add some whiskers in his beard “It’s cute”

Behind his beard draw his ear with an " S " inside

It’s time for Santa’a hat,, 2 steps to do that …… and easy to    ;)

Santa's hands, 2 steps to do that …… and easy to    ;)
First step to draw Santa's hand

Sec step to draw Santa's hand

Santa's bag of toys

It's time for Santa's red coat, Draw two curved lines that start beneath his beard and end on the bottom right side. Draw two curved lines on the other side as well. There! Now he has a coat.

To draw his belt Draw a rectangle that follows the shape of his round belly, and put a rectangle in the center of it


Now add your own colors, Merry Christmas, and keep on drawing!