Friday, January 7, 2011

Tree fruit in the form of Girls

Tree fruit in the form of Girls, have a strange tale of her guardian

Call this tree exotic name "
nareepol "which is located in Thailand. The word Naree means" a girl or a woman, "and the word" pol "meaning" a plant or tree, "where is this tree of interest to many tourists because the fruit resembles the girl completely .. and they call there name" tree girls, "the people of the village do not see the wonder in these fruits and believe that the reason the form of the fruits of this tree back to the story entered peacefully with each other about a girl was killed unjustly accused of treason in the region which grew the tree .. and it turned out that she was innocent .. and believe that tree attest to the innocence of this girl.
You can see this tree in a village in the province of Thai petchaboon, which lies about 500kilometers from Bangkok.